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Hello, my name is Wang Ran, and I am the new Chinese CIR at IFIE.

I am originally from Inner Mongolia in China, but up until accepting this job I worked in Nanjing City in Jiangsu Province. The best viewing period for cherry blossoms in Nanjing is mid-March, but unfortunately I was busy too busy and was unable to relax and enjoy them in their prime, which was very disappointing. In April, the weather cleared up and everywhere you looked was lush and green with new leaves.

It was with this feeling of new beginnings that I came to Japan, just as the cherry blossoms were coming into full bloom. I was delighted to find that even though I had thought I had seen the last of spring cherry blossoms, spring was still in full swing here in Japan. As such, I was able to enjoy a longer spring than usual, and just by crossing a short span of water between China and Japan. After having this experience at the start of my time here in Kanazawa, I’m sure the rest of my time here will be one of the best experiences of my life.

China is a very large country. Even just travelling from my hometown, Ulanhot City, in Northeast China all the way to Nanjing in Southeast China takes 16 hours by China’s high-speed train, which travels at 250kmh. Chine is also a country with a long history and many diverse ethnic groups. From North to South and East to West, the environment, climate, and culture all vary greatly. As such, you may find your preconceived notions of what China or Chinese people are like challenged by how very diverse the country is.

A Japanese friend of mine once made mapo tofu for me. It looked just like the real thing, but upon tasting it I could tell that it wasn’t quite right. Even so, she was clearly confident that she had made authentic mapo tofu. These kinds of misunderstandings are common, and not just in the culinary world. When I go to a China Town in Japan, I often find that about half of the so-called “Chinese” things on display are in fact not authentic at all. I think this is probably because they are based on Japanese people’s view of China, rather than China itself.

Even in today’s global society, it’s impossible to expect everyone to be able to travel as far as the Great Wall of China. As such, during my time here I believe it is my duty to serve as a gateway to China for the people of Ishikawa, so that they might come to understand China for what it truly is.

During my year as a CIR, I hope to help the people of China and Japan understand the truth about each other’s countries and culture, and hopefully make lots of friends in the process. It is my earnest hope that as a bridge between the two countries I might be able to help promote friendly relations between China and Japan, and more specifically grassroots connections between Ishikawa prefecture and Jiangsu province.

Hello Japan, and welcome to China!


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