Vladimir Anan’ev( Russia )

Vladimir Anan’ev

  • • Born in Angarsk, Irkutsk region, Russia
  • • Since August 2019 – coordinator for international relations in Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange


My name is Vladimir Anan’ev, I am from Irkutsk, Russia.
Until recently I have been teaching Japanese in Irkutsk State University. Starting from August 2019 I work at Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange. As a matter of fact, first time I came to Ishikawa was 20 years ago, in winter of 1999 when I took part in Ishikawa Japanese Studies Programme. It was my first trip abroad, my first visit to Japan, besides, we studied in Kanazawa, where you can see both traditional and modern Japan, so every day was full of new impressions. Moreover, the programme included homestay, and I was really lucky with my host family, who not only helped me to better understand things I had learnt in class, but also brought me to the New Year party held by the local community, to cooking classes, on trips, explained current events and trends. As a result, I got to understand better traditions and patterns of thinking underlying everyday life of Japanese people. These two months became one of the happiest periods in my life.

After coming back to Russia, I graduated the university and worked as a teacher of Japanese and a translator. From time to time I was asked to interpret for delegations from Ishikawa prefecture. Also, in 2011 I was able to visit Ishikawa when I came to Komatsu city as an interpreter for the delegation from Angarsk city, which is my hometown. This time I was able to enter a programme that will allow me to stay in Kanazawa for a longer while (at least, so I hope), so I can say “I`m back!”

As a Coordinator for International Relations I am going to use the skills and experience I gained working as a teacher and translator to support exchange between people of Ishikawa and Russia. And I will do my best to answer requests of people interested in the partner country.






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