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Events and Festivals

August events
Touch to the beauty of Kanazawa in four days "Kanazawa Touryoue Festival"  
[DATE] July 29th (Thursday)~August 1st (Sunday)
[PLACE] Asanogawa-River Neighborhoods
[DETAILS] In row of houses along the city street, atmosphere of the Kanazawa more within the picturesque. During the 3rd generation of feudal lord Maeda Toshitsune, Masters are gathered at the place by Kaga, performing arts, food culture, arts and crafts. Kanazawa artisans succeeded and evolved by offers of special plan in four days. Please fully enjoy the charm of Kanazawa in this summer.

Inquiry : Junior Chamber International Kanazawa ☎076-232-3027

Ohnominato Shrine shinkou festival (Ohnominato Jinja Shinkou-sai)
[DATE] July 30th (Friday)~August 1st (Sunday)
[PLACE] Kanaiwa district in Kanazawa
[DETAILS]Summer festival of Kanaiwa. Relocated by fire in a shrine that time resident into anxiety, it's a first time received a portable shrine of guardian god deity and the year once. A float (hikiyama) and a drum stand are drawn out. ※ It's expected also to hold an Kanaiwa Minato festival at the same time.

Inquiry : Ohnominato Shrine ☎076-267-0522, Fax: 076-268-3499
email :n/a

Beach Volleyball Japan Charange 2010 in Chiri-hama
[DATE] July 31st (Saturday)~August 1st (Sunday)
[PLACE] Chiri-hama beach spesially-installed court
[DETAILS]Exiting beach volleyball tournament at Chiri-hama beach specially-installed court, Every each class from a junior high school student to an adult team.

Inquiry : Chirihama volleyball executive committeel ☎0767-22-9331

■Kahoku Four Seasons Festival (Summer fiesta in Kahoku)

[DATE] July 31st (Saturday)~August 1st (Sunday)
[PLACE] Kahoku-shi, (Shirao, Sotohisumi Beach, Oomigawa Floodplain, Unoke baseball field.
[DETAILS] Performed at 3 places of  the beach, the River, the Cats mew fiesta, are  largest events in the Kahoku four seasons festivals.
Beach Fiesta: (Shirao beach, experience-based dragnet, competition of kick to fly beach sandals, fishing competition of Japanese whiting).
River Fiesta: (Hand catching sweet fish(Ayu), Natural experience classroom, Float of bamboo leaf boat, Fair market).
Cats fiesta:(Cats mew dance contest, Cats mew disguise contest, Singer Emi Kanazawa Songs and ballads show, Citizen's circle dance, Fireworks event).

Inquiry : Kahoku-Shi, Festival executive committee secretariat ☎076-281-3921
email :

■33th Mattou Festival (Dai 33 kai Mattou Matsuri)

[DATE] July 31st (Saturday)~August 1st (Sunday)
[PLACE] Hakusan-shi, (Around Mattou Station and Mattou City Hall area).
[DETAILS] Large torch and torch procession, drum beat to drive away harmful insects. The festival called typical things of summer in Mattou.
“The fire event and the drum beat to drive away harmful insects “ in background of the  hand-held fireworks with large torch are performed, sounds and fire and lights directed the world of an illusion.
In addition, "Chiyojo morning glory festival" to exhibit a morning glory, On July 31st. will be held an "Evening of Dance" with fascinating yukata figures.
Free round route bus runs between ※ August 1st from JR Hokuriku trunk line "Mattou station" (2:00pm~10:00pm, at 10 minutes intervals).

Inquiry : Mattou Festival executive committee secretariat
☎076-276-3811 FAX :076-276-3812
email :

■Ishizaki Votive Kiriko Lantern Festival (Ishizaki Hotou Matsuri)

[DATE] August 6th (Friday)~August 7th (Saturday)
[PLACE] Ishizaki-machi, Nanao-shi
[DETAILS]  Ishizaki is a vibrant fishing town in Nanao with remains an old fashioned. The festival that the men of the sea let the blood boil once a year, this is Ishizaki votive kiriko lantern festival.This festival was began for a big fire repeated as for this cool breeze festival of Ishizaki Yahata Shrine in 1889, one of the net maker put in a recommended for transferring old kiriko from Oku Noto(*1). the cool air festival before the big fire was a float of the Gion influence.
Kiriko festivals in Noto are dotted with descended from the Kyoto Gion festival and performed the Ishizaki votive kiriko lantern festival on June 15 in the old calendar equal to the annual festival day of Gion shrine in Kyoto until 1995.
While "サッカサイSakkasai, サカサッサイSakasassai, イササカサーIsasakasaa" and an energetic shout echo in the whole town, the state that a kiriko lantern advances to is right the highlight. Anyway the way of the control is wonderful, because 100 men carried one kiriko lantern on their shoulders.
A light is lit to kiriko lantern at night, and the printed character of a picture of samurai warriors and the large letter which rose brings on fantastic space. To be the boisterous dance of a climactic votive lantern Carriers and  Audience will be the excitement of the spectator at the climax.
Note (*1) Northern part of Noto Peninsula (Suzu-Shi, Wajima-shi, Anamizu-machi

Inquiry : Nanao Tourism Association
email :

■Hodatsu Tanabata Kiriko Festival (Hodatsu Tanabata Kiriko Matsuri)

[DATE] August 7th (Saturday)
[PLACE] Ukaimitsuke beach area, Hodatsu-machi, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa
[DETAILS]  Assemble and carrying out by each district about 14m in height, large-sized Kiriko, about 2tons in weight. This is the Kiriko of the maximum grade in Noto. There are tendency to move on days to Saturday and Sunday , but here does not change holding on August 7 from  the situation with "the Tanabata Festival".
As for the festival to the end, Kiriko enters to the sea and dances boisterously among the sea and turns around " a torchlight" which I installed, and fireworks are launched in the background.
While a gong and a drum is rung, of 14m carried on their shoulder by about 100 youths Kiriko aims at the torch of the offing very much, and is a heroic festival to dance boisterously in the whole sea.

Inquiry : Nanao Tourism Association
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■Kawakita Festival ~Tedori Fire Festival~ (Kawakita Matsuri ~Tedorino Himatsuri~)

[DATE] August 7th (Saturday)
[PLACE] Tedori river ground, Kawakita-machi, Nomi-gun, Ishikawa
[DETAILS]  The Tedori fire festival (Kawakita Festival) has been begun 1,986 (Showa 61 year). "Event of   drum performance to drive away crop-eating insects", "bonfire" and "Tedori kou ryu” hand drum" are shown at the specially-installed stage which provided at ground in Tedori-river field, with the bonfire which scorches a night sky in summer in red in the background.
The fireworks event with which a climax of a festival is decorated is composition, and 20,000 lift-offs are the largest scale in the Hokuriku area. A night sky is dyed by colored very much by a continuous lift-off of 5 sets of lift-off and star mine and scramble star mine (slanting strike) etc. from number 4 to number 20.

Inquiry : Nanao Tourism Association
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Four Spas Kaga Expo : June 1st(Fri.)-September 30th(Sat.)
Four Spas Kaga Expo

Four spas Kaga special campaign

Kaga Four Spas are located in the middle of three prefectures of hokuriku region, Toyama Ishikawa Fukui prefectures named Hokurik 3(San) ken, Ishikawa prefecture known for Noto peninsula projecting into the Japan Sea, and Hyakumangoku castle town Kanazawa, Kaga Four Spas are about 40km south from there, from metropolitan area Haneda airport flight to Komatsu Just about one hour, from Kansai area 2 hours and 20 minutes by JR (Japan Railway), Year 2015 Hokuriku Shinkansen scheduled to open (Nagano - Kanazawa) resulting in about 2 hours and 30 minutes between Tokyo to Kanazawa. We look forward to the opening.

One of the three famous mountains in Japan “sacred Mt. Hakusan” has beautiful view. Mt. Fuji in Suruga, Mt. Tateyama in Etchu, and Mt. Hakusan in Kaga referred to herein as the three famous mountains in Japan. Mt. Hakusan is located on boarder of four prefectures, Ishikawa, Fukui, Toyama and Gifu.

Kaga Four Spas are in south Kaga area with that peaks can expect a beautiful figure of a mountain like a folded screen. The people of the south Kaga revere for sacred Mt. Hakusan, they love the rich native place in gratitude to the grace with live proudly.

Each is unique, "Kaga Four Spas" grown by the grace of sacred Mt. Hakusan, Awazu, Katayamazu, Yamashiro, Yamanaka four hot springs ground in the small range of about a radius of 8 kilos

Awazu miniature garden surrounded by foothills mountain village.
Katayamazu Onsen...Developed into the shore of the Shibayama Lagoon.
Yamashiro Onsen...Overlooking country spreads out of the rolling hills.
Yamanaka Onsen…Open in the ravine (Kakusenkei) of the among the mountain.
Locations are different, even effects are "Four spas Four recuperates"

Japanese onsen culture has enshrined Yakushi Buddha. In the background where hot spring continued springing out said "Yumori temple" may exist. Four spas each have the "Yumori temple" Awazu Onsen is the "Daiouji Temple", Katayamazu Onsen is the "Aizenji Temple" Yamashiro Onsen is the " Yakuouin Onsenji Temple" Yamanaka Onsen is the "Iōji Temple". Since ancient times, has been revered as the Buddha of medicine, "Yakushi Nyorai" are both enshrined. Good for hot spring cure, good for fulfillment of a wish, an old Japanese ran the hot spring culture in the past, Kaga Four Spas are still rooted.

awazu hot spring katayamazu hot spring yamashiro hot spring yamanaka hot spring
Inquiry : Kaga Hot Spring Village Council email :

Home Town NOTO Expo.
Summer: July2nd (Friday) 〜 October 2nd (Saturday) 2010
Winter: January 9th (Sunday) 〜 March 6th(Sunday) 2011

home town not expo

The exhibition is held in which many utilize local resources areas in the long history of Noto, Noto region (four cities, five towns) and the entire venue. Therefore not any special pavilions.

If we emphasize it and say, local festivals and events, and rich coastline on three sides surrounded by water, abundant seafood, the traditional craft work represent by Wajima lacquer ware, and country's leading Wakura Onsen hot springs, in addition, more than anything "Faith Guests" to entertain the people of Noto travelers called "hospitality", such as the Pavilion and the entire region attractive Noto with every single resource.

Noto area is few areas where nature still stays in our country which economic growth goes ahead through drastically after the war, and manners and customs stay, and the heart of the person stays. Absolutely this area is appropriate home town in Japan.

Noto in these areas, as baby boomers the driving force behind today's dramatic economic development, and the family layer of the generation to take Japanese development in the future, and beside casual everyday divergent fatigue, tomorrow revitalize, to heal the mind and body as well as such people are apt to forgetful it "home town" to remind.

Inquiry : 「Hot Ishikawa」Tourism campaign executive committee (Ishikawa prefecture tourism promotion division)
Telephone:076-225-1538 Fax:076-225-1540 (Monday to Friday 9a.m. to 5p.m.)
email :

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