About IJSP

IJSPのルールとリファーレについて Rules & About Rifare



When you are participating in IJSP program, the following are prohibited.

1,自転車じてんしゃ Bicycling

2,無断むだん外泊がいはく Stay overnight without permission

3,一人ひとりうみ登山とざんくこと Going to the sea or mountain climbing alone






About Rifare(Building of Japanese school)

In IJSP,  the building that you study Japanese is called "Rifare". It's near Kanazawa Station. "Rifare" is the same as "School". The office is on the third floor of Rifare. There are many classrooms on the 4th floor, where you can learn Japanese and do cultural activities. (But usually you go to the shop for culture activities.) There is a library on the 3rd floor. You can borrow books.There is a convenience store on the first floor. There are shops to eat lunch and supermarkets around the Rifare. There is also a study room.