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翻訳ほんやくアプリ Translation APP

▼Google 翻訳ほんやく Google Translate

テキスト入力にゅうりょくだけでなく、音声や写真おんせい  しゃしん認識にんしきして翻訳ほんやくすることも可能かのうです。

 Multilingual Speech Translation Application

世界せかい31言語の翻訳げんご  ほんやく可能かのうです。音声おんせいによる翻訳ほんやくもできます。
The application could translate between 31 languages.

生活に関せいかつ  かんするアプリ APP on Daily Life

Halal Gourmet Japan


You could search for restaurants for Muslims. You could also find which one is halal food just by take its picture.
As in the picture below, the food within a pink frame is Muslim Friendly products. You will be able to see the guidelines of the products both in English and Japanese. And when you scroll down, it provides you with the list of ingredients.