Question : 10
If I would like to interact with foreigners, where should I start?

IFIE organizes an event called "Salon de Talk" where Japanese and foreigners gather around and chat away in Japanese and other languages. This event is scheduled to hold 2~3 times a year, please check the Event Information Page for updated postings on the event.

Also, there is a bulletin board at the Free Space Salon on the 3rd floor of the Ishikawa International Exchange Center. You will find postings related to international exchange including people looking for language exchange partners. Please inquire with IFIE if you would like to post information on the bulletin board.

Furthermore, there are a great number of active international exchange organizations in the Prefecture, and they provide opportunities for Japanese to interact with foreigners by organizing events and gatherings. You can search for the associations or groups that most interest you through the "International Exchange Organizations" Page.