Disaster Prevention and Emergency Procedures Guide for Non-Japanese Residents
Contacting your family about your safety
【1】Status of Communication
  • When a disaster such as an earthquake strikes, calls flood in to confirm the safety of family members in the disaster-affected area; as a result phone lines get jammed and it becomes difficult to get a phone connection.   
  • The people in the affected area should try and contact friends and family living outside the disaster-hit area.
【2】Contact Method
(1) Use public telephones
  • it is easier to get a connection if you use GRAY or GREEN coloured telephones.
(2) Use NTT Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171)
  • This system is a voice messaging service where families or friends living outside the affected areas can listen to the voice messages recorded by the people living in the disaster-hit areas.
  • The service is available in Japanese. Find out about how to use the service in advance.
  • The service is not available outside Japan.

Contact Method

For details, please refer to http://www.ntt-west.co.jp/dengon/way/index.html
(3) Contact your embassy, school or your workplace
  • If you contact your embassy, it is possible that the information regarding your safety will be passed on to your respective country.
  • Contact the school or the company with large number of the people with the same nationality as yours

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