Disaster Prevention and Emergency Procedures Guide for Non-Japanese Residents
【1】Daily Preparation
  • Find out about the evacuation shelters (usually schools) in your residential area.
  • Find out about the route to the evacuation shelter. Some places may be unsafe, so the nearest route does not necessarily mean the best evacuation route.
  • Communicate with your neighbours in your everyday life.
【2】How to Evacuate
  • Try to keep your belongings to a minimum.
  • Try to help elderly people, children, people in need of aid, injured or sick people while evacuating.
【3】Life at Emergency Shelters
  • Many people may be living at emergency shelters. You may find many things inconvenient but let’s try to help each other.
  • Let’s obey the rules at the emergency shelter.
  • Provisions such as water, food, daily necessities as well as information can be obtained at emergency shelters.

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