Disaster Prevention and Emergency Procedures Guide for Non-Japanese Residents
Livelihood Rehabilitation
A few days after the disaster,the activities aimed at the livelihood rehabilitation speed up. As the time passes by,the nature of aid activities also changes.
【1】Government Aid
  1. Temporary housing may be provided if many people lose their homes in a large scale disaster.
  2. This kind of temporary housing is usually provided by the local administration. Such housing does not require any rent, however, electricity and heating expenses have to be borne by the resident. The housing is only temporary and must be vacated within 2 years.x
  3. “Disaster Victims Livelihood Rehabilitation Support System”
  4. Grants are given, depending upon the level of damage to one’s house; the local administrative body is usually in charge of such matters.
【2】Aid from the Private Organizations
Disaster volunteers are usually dispatched.
  • If requested by the disaster victims, disaster volunteers can be dispatched by the Disaster Volunteer Center, which is usually set up after a disaster. The aid activities mainly involve repairing damaged houses, providing necessary care to the victims of the disaster, etc.

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