Disaster Prevention and Emergency Procedures Guide for Non-Japanese Residents
Heavy Snowfall/ Extremely Heavy Snowfall
  • Due to its geographical location, Ishikawa and Hokuriku region often experience snow accumulation from December to March.
  • There can me a snow accumulation up to 1m even in the low land area, depending upon that particular year’s winter and since the snow here contains a lot of moisture, wooden houses can get damaged due the weight of the snow.
【2】How to prepare on a daily basis
  • It is essential to be prepared on a daily basis. Remember to clean up the snow regularly.
  • You may be required to remove the snow from the roof tops if there is a heavy snowfall. Take necessary precautions such as using a safety rope, anti-skid device and fastening of ladder; make sure that you do it with someone and not by yourself.
【3】When you go out
  • Let’s wear slip-resistant shoes when you go out.
  • Let’s try to keep your hands free while walking.
【4】While driving a car
  • Let’s avoid using your car on a day when it is snowing.
  • Let’s make sure to change all the 4 car tyres to studless or winter tyres.
  • While driving make sure that you do not turn the steering wheel sharply, and you do not apply sudden brakes or sudden acceleration.
  • Drive on a road which is wide and has considerable traffic.
  • Your car may get stuck in deep snow, so carry a shovel when you drive.

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