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Ishikawa Japanese Studies Program (IJSP)

This video gives an insight into the 3 main components of the Ishikawa Japanese Studies Program (IJSP): Japanese language lessons, cultural activities and homestay.

It is a program allowing you the chance to learn about Japanese language and culture intensively while living in Japan. The doors to this Program are open to people worldwide. A large number of university students and public organizations have taken part in our courses. (English) Please click here for more information of IJSP. Please click language name for the other languages, Japanese (Japanese), Chinese (Chinese), Korean (Korean), French (French), Portuguese (Portuguese), Thai (Thai), Vietnamese (Vietnamese), Russian (Russian), Italian (Italian), Spanish (Spanish), German (German), Hungarian (Hungarian).

This Program is composed of:
  • Japanese Language Classes
  • Japanese Cultural Experience Study
  • Home-stay with a Japanese Family
This long standing successful program has received high evaluations from renowned universities abroad and grant official credits to the participants. The Program is reliable for it is also one of the Prefecture's works towards international exchange.

  • Youth Program:    High School Students learning Japanese
  • University Program:    Students from universities or related educational facilities who are majoring in Japanese
  • Business Program:    Adults learning Japanese
    ※This Program is intended for the participants from high schools, universities and public educational facilities; no individual applicants will be accepted into the Program.

    Contents of the Program
Study of Japanese Language
Classes are divided into different levels according to the students' proficiency in the language. From beginners to advanced, even business Japanese classes are available and are all instructed by experienced teachers. The Program aims at improving the students' proficiency in accordance with learners' Japanese language level and their objectives with the use of general textbooks and other materials such as newspapers, magazines and videos.

Study of Japanese Culture
Students will have the opportunity to deepen their understandings of Japan through experiencing various Japanese cultural activities.

A great amount of nature and Japanese traditional culture is still preserved in Ishikawa Prefecture, and students can choose the activities that they want to participate in, such as Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy Lessons, Flower Arrangement, Zen Meditation, Pottery, Gold Leave Decoration, Seal-Engraving, etc. We also offer field trips to various cultural facilities and tourism spots.

By experiencing all the wonders of Ishikawa Prefecture, you will sure understand the "real" Japan.

Home-stay with a Japanese Family
Participants will do home-stay with a kind and loving host family during the period of the Program.

Through this home-stay, participants can learn more about the Japanese society and its culture while improving their Japanese language ability.

This is also a one-of-a-life time experience to enjoy this intercultural exchange with a local Japanese family.

We believe that a real international exchange starts with people trying to understand each other's culture and differences, and that is why we consider home-stay as a very essential part of the Program.

    Special Program Benefits
  • The students participating in Youth/University Students Program (more than 4 weeks) will receive a scholarship from the Prefecture of Ishikawa.
  • A part of the class fees and fees paid to the instructors for cultural activities as well as study-tour expenses will be paid by the Prefecture of Ishikawa.
  • Students who have studied in Ishikawa or participants from JSP can also become members of Ishikawa Alumni Association.

    Application Process (example)
Decision regarding period of the Program and number of students
Exchange of Agreements
8weeks before start of Program
Sending student's data
2~4weeks before start of Program
Decision regarding study schedule and host families
Study Program
Fee Payment for the Study Program, Sending Japanese Class Reports, etc.

※Application process may vary

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