Disaster Prevention and Emergency Procedures Guide for Non-Japanese Residents
Information related to a disaster
【1】Types of Information and How to Access such Information
(1) Weather related Information
  • Pay close attention to the weather information broadcasts from Meteorological Agency.
  • Listen carefully to the weather forecasts, as such forecasts can warn you about approaching typhoon or heavy rains in advance.
(2) Necessary information related to a disaster
  • Information such as the Scope and real-time disaster situation, Evacuation advisory, Evacuation shelters, Lifelines, Traffic, Distribution of water, food, etc., Immigration, Livelihood rehabilitation, etc.
(3) How to obtain information
  • You can obtain the information related to weather or weather forecasts from sources such as TV, Radio, Internet, etc.
  • Let’s read the newspapers.
  • Check out the website of Ishikawa Prefecture.
  • Try to obtain the information for your local area (city/town).
  • Pay attention to local radio broadcast and local cable TV news.
  • Let’s listen to the official radio broadcasts from the administration.
  • Let’s listen to the broadcasts from the Public Address Car.
  • Check out the websites of your city or town administration.
(1) Terminology
Type Description
Advisory An advisory is issued when there is a possibility of a disaster.
Disaster Warning A disaster warning is issued when there is a possibility of a serious natural disaster.

(2) Evacuation
Type Description
Information on Evacuation Planning Information on Evacuation Planning
Evacuation Advisory People are advised to evacuate; let's try to evacuate at this stage.
Evacuation Order An evacuation order is issued when the danger is near; let's try to evacuate as soon as possible.

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